Author: Jeremy Hurst

I am a believer. A son adopted into the family of the most high. I am a son to wonderful parents, a brother, and a friend. I was once a husband, sadly now I am divorced. I am a worship leader and a felon. I am hungry for the word of God yet I am prone to sin. I desire community yet I am prone to isolate myself. I have been called to share the gospel yet I much prefer to be alone. I have served God well at times and turned my back on him at other times. I have loved some people well and I have hurt some beyond measure. I have done good deeds and committed some horrible acts. I have felt immeasurable joy and experienced deep pain. I am often my own worst enemy. I am a next level over thinker. I often wear my feelings on my sleeve. I am passionate to a fault. Loyal to a fault. I don't know how to quit. Even when I should sometimes. I am all or nothing. All that and Jesus still loves me. He loves me very well. My God has been so so good to me, so I choose to serve him.